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What Zamra Tech do

We follow a structured approach for web and mobile development, with planning, testing, and execution stages. We work with clients to ensure software is reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

Mobile App Development

iOS & Android

Mobile App Development

We build custom mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, tailored to meet specific business needs.

Web Design and Development


Web Design & Development

We create visually appealing websites that are optimized for user experience and functionality.

Software Development


Software Development

We develop bespoke software solutions, from planning to execution, that cater to the unique requirements of each client.

Cross Platform App Development

React Native & Flutter

Cross Platform App Development

We build mobile apps that can run seamlessly on multiple platforms, without compromising on performance or functionality.

Game Development

2D, 2.5D & 3D

Game Development

We create engaging and immersive games for various platforms, using cutting-edge technology and design.

Managed Cloud Hosting


Managed Cloud Hosting

We provide reliable and secure cloud hosting services, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted access to your applications and data.

White Label Applications

White Label

White Label Applications

We develop customizable, ready-to-use software and mobile applications that can be rebranded and resold by businesses.

IoT Development


IoT Development

We develop applications and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling businesses to harness the power of connected devices and data.

Software and Mobile App Maintenance

App Maintenance

Software & Mobile App Maintenance

We offer maintenance and support services to ensure that your software and mobile applications are up-to-date and functioning optimally.



Blockchain Development

We specialize in blockchain development, creating secure, transparent, and efficient solutions for various industries using decentralized technology.

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Zamra Tech Development Process

Our development process is carefully designed to deliver high-quality solutions. From initial ideation and planning to design, development, and testing, we ensure a smooth journey towards bringing your vision to life.

Discovery and Planning

Discovery and Planning

We conduct thorough research and analysis to understand your requirements, define project goals, and create a comprehensive roadmap for development.

Design and Prototyping

Design and Prototyping

Our skilled designers create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces, while prototypes are developed to validate concepts and gather feedback.

Development and Testing

Development and Testing

Our experienced developers write clean and efficient code, integrating features and functionalities. Rigorous testing ensures a bug-free and seamless user experience.

Deployment and Support

Deployment and Support

We assist with the smooth deployment of your solution, providing ongoing support, updates, and maintenance to ensure its optimal performance and scalability.

Latest Projects Zamra Tech

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Targeted Industry By Zamra Tech

We cater to various industry verticals, delivering tailored development services to fuel business and startup growth for improved ROI. Some examples include:


Beauty & Spa








News App


Real Estate



Social Networking


Travel App

Wellness App

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