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We at Zamra Tech are a top-notch development company. We have been making several leaps and bounds over the years.

Our Portfolio

Here at Zamra Tech, we have also been involved in a lot of projects with various clients and every single time, they have been awesome. Do not take just our words for it. The numbers below support our theory.

Increase in Business Exposure
Increase in Avg. Yearly Revenues
Increase in Client retention rate
Increase in Customer Outreach

HR Application

Our cutting-edge HR mobile application, designed to streamline your hiring and workforce management processes. With a user-friendly interface, employers and customers can easily register by entering basic information and details about their company.

The application’s dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your HR activities, displaying key metrics such as the number of active jobs, remaining hours, and utilized hours. Stay on top of your workforce utilization with real-time insights at your fingertips.

For employees, our app offers the flexibility to apply for partial hours, catering to their individual needs and promoting work-life balance. Seamlessly manage schedules and optimize resource allocation with our innovative HR mobile application. Join us today and revolutionize your HR operations.

  • User-friendly registration process for employers and customers.
  • Detailed company profile creation to showcase organization information.
  • Dashboard displaying real-time metrics such as active jobs, remaining hours, and utilized hours.
  • Job posting functionality for employers to easily create and manage job listings.
  • Customizable notifications to keep users informed about job applications and updates.
  • Applicant tracking system to efficiently manage and review candidate applications.
  • Employee profiles to track individual performance, skills, and availability.
  • Partial hour application feature for employees to request specific hours of work.
  • Integrated calendar for scheduling and managing employee shifts.
  • Time tracking and attendance management for accurate record-keeping.
  • In-app messaging system for seamless communication between employers and employees.
  • Document management to store and share important HR-related files and policies.
  • Performance tracking and evaluation tools to assess employee progress.
  • Analytics and reporting features to gain insights into workforce productivity and trends.
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes for HR tasks.
  • Compliance management to ensure adherence to labor laws and regulations.
  • Employee self-service portal for accessing personal information, pay stubs, and benefits.
  • Training and development modules to facilitate employee skill enhancement.
  • Integration with popular HR tools and software for seamless data synchronization.
  • Multi-platform accessibility, allowing users to access the application from mobile devices and desktops.
  • ASP.Net
  • MVC using razor
  • C#
  • .Net
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • MSSQL Server
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Fishing App

Catch more fish with this app – the world’s most popular fishing app. This app provides you with the tools and skills you need to perform better every time you hit the water, so that you can make bigger and better catches.

The “Catch More Fish” app combines essential tools, information, and a supportive community to help anglers of all skill levels improve their fishing performance and maximize their success on every fishing trip.

Fishing Spot Locator: The app uses GPS technology to help you find the best fishing spots near your location. It provides detailed maps, including information on popular fishing locations, hotspots, and local fishing regulations.

Weather and Tide Information: The app provides real-time weather updates and tide information, allowing you to plan your fishing trips more effectively. You can check the current conditions, wind speed, water temperature, and tide patterns to optimize your fishing strategy.

Fish Species Guide: The application offers a comprehensive database of fish species, including detailed descriptions, preferred habitats, feeding habits, and peak fishing seasons. This information helps you target specific species and increases your chances of a successful catch.

Catch Log and Statistics: Keep track of your fishing activities with the app’s catch log feature. You can record your catches, including the species, size, and location. The app also generates statistics and insights, such as your most successful fishing spots, average catch size, and trends over time.

Fishing Techniques and Tips: The app provides a wealth of fishing techniques, tips, and tutorials to improve your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, you can access instructional videos, articles, and step-by-step guides to learn new methods and refine your existing techniques.

Virtual Tackle Box: Manage your fishing gear with the app’s virtual tackle box feature. You can create an inventory of your fishing rods, reels, lures, baits, and other equipment. The app also offers suggestions for the best tackle based on the target species and fishing conditions.

Community and Social Features: Connect with a community of fellow anglers through the app. Share your catches, exchange tips and tricks, and participate in fishing-related discussions. You can also follow other anglers, join fishing groups, and participate in virtual fishing tournaments.

  • React Native
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Php
  • Java
  • Firebase
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Social Media Web & Application

The buzz surrounding crypto is deafening; jump on board with a FREE SwarmCircle account and make your voice heard. At SwarmCircle, we want you to build meaningful relationships while growing your crypto assets.

We are a user-centric, crypto-focused social media platform with huge ambitions for the future. Our platform has been designed for a diverse cast of users because any social media platform can only be as good as its user base.

Invite A Friend

You don’t have to go at it alone. Invite other like-minded crypto enthusiasts and watch your friends’ list grow in no time.

Friends List

We are the missing link between social media and cryptocurrency. Meet new and interesting people every day and share your crypto journey.

Share Circle

The SwarmCircle is a safe place for you and your friends to communicate. No barriers, No restrictions, and No security concerns. We promise!

Create A Poll

Not sure what to do next? Create a poll, ask others on your friends’ list, and hack the endless possibilities of crypto and SwarmCircle coins.

  • React Native
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Php
  • Java
  • Firebase
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Fintech App

WealthyGen is an all-in-one money management tool. Use WealthyGen to instantly see your Net Worth and Target Net Worth; then keep track of what matters by managing your monthly Budgets; actual Income and Expenses; and Life Goals, with just a few taps.

All your money matters in one tool.

WealthyGen brings together all your money matters in one app so you can get a complete picture of your finances. Start with your account balances (banks, investments, savings goals credit cards, loans, and more), then see how they shape your current financial health and how you can reach your targets. WealthyGen makes it easy to get a true picture of your overall finances in one place, at any time! You take back the control of managing your money with this simple-to-use app.

With WealthyGen, you are in control.

WealthyGen puts you in control! We know people are skeptical about connecting ALL their accounts to an app, we listened! Without CONNECTING your accounts in real-time, just bring in your account name and balances and start taking control and smashing your financial goals!

Rather than rely on an app to pull your transactions from different accounts and then realize you have performed outside your budget/goals after the fact. With WealthyGen, you see your true financial progress every time you enter your transactions, so there are no surprises.

This is how you take control! You know your net worth, budget vs actuals, and progress toward your goals at any point in time!

  • React Native
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Php
  • Java
  • Firebase
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Bus Tracking App

A mobile application on which users can track buses as well as monitor their shared passengers trips. Bus drivers will also be able to update their route via the application

  • Sign in
  • List of children’s (in Bus, Absent, At school, At home)
  • Live bus tracker
  • Live map view
  • Pickup and drop off location
  • Pickup and drop off reminder
  • Parents profile
  • Setting and notification
  • Driver app
  • Driver sign in
  • List of students and information
  • Kotlin Framework
  • Android Studio
  • Firebase
  • Php (Server side development)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Java
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Booking Application for Salon

Our Saloon App is an online salon booking system for managing one-to-one appointments. Clients can discover new services, book appointments online at their fingertip. With Our Saloon App you will be able to win new customers, minimize no-shows and take bookings online 24/7.

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign Up / Registration (Optional)
  • Sign In
  • Password Change
  • Forgot Password
  • Home Screen (List View)
  • Map View
  • Suggestive Search & Filter
  • Enter Location
  • List Of Service Provider
  • Select Service
  • Book Online
  • Booking Summary
  • Request Booking
  • Payment Options (Credit Card , Paypal)
  • My Booking
  • Scheduled Booking
  • Notification
  • Swift iPhone Development
  • Kotlin Framework
  • Android Studio
  • Firebase
  • Php (Server side development)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Java
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Estate Master Game

Real Estate Builder game app is to enlighten the user with knowledge of Real Estate Business. Through interactive video tutorials and virtual scenarios, user will find it attractive to explore this app. It will consist of 3 phases. Phase 1 will encompass video tutorials and an MCQ after each tutorial. User will have to answer MCQ correctly to get through more tutorials. Phase 2 is almost similar to phase 1, watching more videos and answering more MCQs. Phase 3 will have contrasting effective scenarios with no. of levels. User can acquire buildings through available coins. He can also attain it through bank loan or by paying online for required amount of coins. User will access to next level by acquiring required no. of buildings.

  • Splash
  • Log in/Sign up
  • Forget password link
  • Help link
  • Project phases:
    • Phase 1
    • Phase 2
    • Phase 3

Phase 1:

  • Video Tutorials
  • MCQ’s
  • Scenarios Based Questions
  • 2D game (air hockey)

Phase 2:

  • Video Tutorials
  • MCQ’s
  • Scenarios Based Questions
  • 2D game (basket ball)

Phase 3:

  • Virtual Scenarios
  • 5 Different Characters. 2 will be free and rest 3 will be paid
  • Different financial circumstances based on avatars
  • Specific missions of each level
  • Few Sub-levels of each level
  • Virtual bank
  • Can avail loan
  • Buy coins online using In-App Purchases
  • Acquire buildings
  • Bonus stages
  • Advertisement videos for coins
  • Vigorous levels
  • 3D MAX
  • MAYA
  • UNITY 3D
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Online Taxi Booking App

My Cab is the most advanced online cab booking and dispatch system to drive your business into the future. It is a very helpful hybrid mobile app solution for Car,Taxi and Cab Rental business that helps to increase taxi booking orders and to boost customer satisfaction. Deploying the latest GPS technology, Call My Cab creates a full picture of locations of drivers and customers.


The passenger user of the application will have the option to book a ride through the mobile application. After requesting a ride from the application, a car and Driver will be assigned to the user with an estimated price based on the destination and distance of the ride. Once a Driver accepts request of the passenger user, the passenger user may track the car through the map.


The car driver will be the Driver user type in the application who will register their car onto the application. Once a Driver updates their availability status, when passenger users launch a nearby ride request, a pop up or push notification will be presented to the Driver’s screen for 5 seconds which they will need to accept in order to be assigned a Passenger. After accepting a ride request, the Passenger User may track the Driver’s location on the map.


The Admin will have the option to manage users of the application. The Super Admin will be enabled to provide accessibility to various users where authentication is necessary. In addition to the authentications, the Super Admin will have the option to manage payments & transactions handled within the application.

  • Splash screen
  • Sign up with authentication code
  • Map view
  • Current location
  • My rides
  • Choose a class
  • My profile
  • Book a ride
  • Search pickup/drop off location
  • Fare estimates & ride classes
  • Price surging
  • Payment (credit card , paypal)
  • Contact driver through the application
  • Driver and cars details
  • React Native
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Php
  • Java
  • Firebase
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Mobile Tv Application

A customized solution for Mobile TV application on IOS and android with no live streaming. Application user will be able to watch their favorite videos online. The Super admin panel and sub admin (producer) would be uploading all of the videos manually for the application user to watch.

Web Super admin

  • Dashboard
  • List of channels
  • Channel description
  • List of channels admin
  • List of category
  • Edit channel
  • List of channels programs
  • Programs description with edit/remove
  • List of users
  • Admin management

Mobile Application

  • Dashboard
  • List of Programs
  • List of category
  • Edit program with description
  • Edit channel
  • Programs description with edit/remove
  • List of users with payment info
  • User management
  • Swift development
  • Eclipse development
  • PHP for server side development
  • Java
  • Adobe Photoshop
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Multivendor e-Commerce App

Multi-Vendor is mainly focused to support building the marketplace business. This is a universal e-commerce app inspired by the Flutter framework, made by Google. With the mission of reducing thousands of business hours spent on designing, developing and testing mobile applications.

Compatible with top 2 WooCommerce plugin frameworks – full integration with Dokans, WCFM Marketplace

Power Vendor features – List Product by Vendor, Vendor Profile, Create New product by taking photos or uploading from the galleries, Real-time Chat between Vendor and End User

Full e-commerce features – Dynamic Product variants, checkout process, order tracking, refund, order notes, wishlist, manage address.

20 rebuild Home page Layout – a bunch of ready define themes is included and easy to customize to make your own elegant theme, by using the powerful Widgets from the Fluxstore

Great UX design multi-level categories, quick product filter, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history…

Flexible Design System – easy to config the homepage, category, Blog with a bunch of built-in components: Banner Slider, Banner Grouping, multi-columns Product view, Tinder animate layout, Stack animate layout…

Powerful User Setting – the ability to enable the push notification, view wishlist, order history, rate the app on app stores, Dark themes, Smart Chat setting, switching languages

Push notification – via Firebase and support history messages

Google Analytics – easy to track the online user and the registration number via Firebase in the realtime

Easy Customization and While-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.

Offline Images Caching – speed up the loading performance with caching image offline method.

Easy Registration – support social Login, SMS Login by Firebase Auth, option to active the Guest checkout

Instance Synchronization – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time.

Perfect splash animation by using new Flare design tools –

60 frames per second (fps) app – working really well on both iOS and Android

Support Smart Chat integrate with realtime Firebase, works with any Chat app like Messenger, WeChat, Whataspp… and also support the Intercom service.

5 categories layout – option switch to other categories design, horizontal, menu, side menu, card views…

3 types of Blog Detail screens – change to difference sexy blog detail news via config file.

Multi-Languages – support switching to any languages and easy to add your own Languages, default currency.

Affiliate product – support the affiliate product type from WooCommerce

Powerful Option Config – to enable Guest Checkout, Require Login, enable Shipping, change currency format.

Dynamic Product Variant – and difference types of Layout (Colors, Dropdown, Box).

Powerful Map Picker to make it easier to fill out the billing address, just in few seconds to complete the address form

Advance Product Detail View Config – with the option to show SafeArea, Video, Thumbnail Gallery, Hero effect, Image Height.

Smart Recent Product View – to help to track your view history.

DeepLink – support for both ios and android, to make it easier to reach your app via another outside channel, such as routing the user from website to open your app.

  • Flutter Development
  • Supernova
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Dart Language
  • Custom Server Integration
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Real Estate App with Map View

A website and application to cater to the needs of the real estate agency and relators where landlords and agents can post the advertisements of their properties which they want to sell on put it on rent and the user will be able to review those properties in real-time via the application and express interest for it directly via the application. All of the activities can be done through map view and live feature functionalities.

  • Localization Ready!
  • Offline Usage
  • Add/Edit/Delete of Real Estate
  • Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web)
  • AdMob
  • Cool Mobile UI Interaction
  • Paper Fold Animation – Unique UI Interaction
  • Pull Down Bouncy UI
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Integration
  • Email Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • User can add Favorites
  • Google Directions.
  • Advance Search
  • About Us Panel Added
  • Terms & Conditions Panel Added
  • User can edit its Profile (Agents)
  • Draw Objects in the map and gets all the Map Pins inside the drawing
  • Ability to save user search parameters for faster navigation when it search again
  • Image Pinch and Zoom
  • Supports 3.5/4 inch Screen Display
  • Supports 64 bit Architecture
  • Native iPhone 6/6+/6s/6+s screen resolution support
  • Native Android

PHP Features

  • Can manage users by allowing or denying access.
  • Property Type creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
  • RealEstate creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
  • Photo Upload via URL or by File.
  • Google Maps Integration.
  • Swift Iphone Development
  • Kotlin Framework
  • Android Studio
  • Firebase
  • Php (Server Side Development)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Java
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We specialize in blockchain development, creating secure, transparent, and efficient solutions for various industries using decentralized technology.

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